New Update
I hope everyone is safe and well during this world-wide crisis. I've had several events arise that has blown my concentration on completing and publishing my next book, 'Gathering'. Sorry for the delay!

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I now have a Wordpress page, check it out!

New update!
As of today, ebooks can be purchased and downloaded in Book Store in epub, mobi, pdf, pdb, and lrf formats. I'm still working on adding fb2 and oeb ebooks. I have also added a live chat box at top right corner of each page in case you need additional help! I check in regularly.

Site updates!
Now guests can purchase ebooks in epub, mobi, and pdf directly from Book Store. I've added an order/pre-order form to purchase ebooks in epub, mobi, pdf, pdb, lrf, fb2, and oeb formats. Ebooks will be emailed to email provided in form when I follow up on form submissions, or ebook becomes available upon being published. If you want an ebook in a different format, please leave a comment and I'll see what I can do to provide it. You can also message me on Facebook if you need further assistance or requests.

Chosen is now available in print and ebook format
Chosen has been published January 10, 2020 and is now available online in print and ebook formats! Next to come is Gathering, Book 2 in Chosen Series!

I've made several updates!
I have added social media links, Facebook feed, my Goodreads Blog Feed, a comments feed, and a store widget. I'm not yet sure how the store widget will work,so please be sure to make a post and let me know. I'll continue making updates and improvements.

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Now you can order or pre-order and have ebook in selected format sent directly to your email!

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